From nose to paws we are able to create some amazing keepsakes for pet owners.

Our paw print jewllery is created in the same way as our hand and footprint pieces with our non-toxic, skin safe, wipe kits which will be posted out when your order is placed. Nose prints are taken using special putty to replicate your dogs actual nose! The putty simply needs to be pressed against the nose for a split second and posted back to us for your solid silver ‘nose nugget’ to be created.

Casting creates a 3D mould of their actual paws and is carried out at our studio in Langton Place Bury St Edmunds. Your dog will only need to be in the moulding gel for a minuite or 2 but the process is only suitable for obedient dogs. The best results are achieved with freshly clipped paws so if your dog is longer haired please give them a trim prior to your appointment.