Casting is suitable from day 1 through to 100 years plus!

There are no age boundaries, although the majority of my work are newborn babies. It is safe for the most delicate of skin and the moulding product used is actually made from seaweed. Many parents fear their child will be hard to cast but please do not worry. We have many tricks to ensure everyone is happy for the appointment and it is an enjoyable process for all. Many ask if they can feed during their appointment and the answer is absolutely! As long as mum and baby are happy and comfortable, I can work around them. I try my best to keep mess to a minimum but please don’t wear your best clothing just incase and if little ones can be in an outfit their hands and feet are easily accessible then that also makes life easier.

The mould itself only takes around a minute to create for a single hand or foot. Holding hands and other designs will require longer which is why I advise them for older children but please get in touch to discuss your design, the options are endless and I love working with the customer to create their vision.


Casting is carried out in my studio in Langton Place Bury St Edmunds. You will need to book an appointment where possible although call out appointments are carried out under special circumstances. There are many framing options, mount choices and paint finishes so that you can really personalise your keepsake. Most of the time perfect moulds are taken on your visit to us but very occasionally we may need to recall you to the studio if they are unsuccessful to ensure your piece is to the highest standard.